Die sinking EDM


The company manufactures its own electrodes up to10 μm-wide and machine 20 μm-wide shapes. Some applications require up to about fifty electrodes on a Ø1 part.

High Precision

The lowest machine settings allow us to use 2.5 μm gaps and therefore to achieve very high-precision machining.

Single part

We are used to machining parts requiring die sinking EDM in 4 axis coordinated simultaneously. Some parts may involve 6-week machining.

Production run

Since 1967 the company has mass-produced parts by using die sinking EDM.
Around 2,000,000 ST DUPONT lighters have been machined (on the area coated with Chinese lacquer).

Standard artificial defects

Machining of slits from 20 to 150 μm-wide to calibrate eddy current probes and of holes with a flat bottom to calibrate ultrasonic testing equipment. These standard defects are used for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).


8 wire cutting Charmilles Technologies, 3 Sarix.

Quality control

The company has several types of quality control by mechanical probing (3D Zeiss, conventional means of control) and has a lot of optical means (Marcel Aubert, camera, microscope on machine…).

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