Laser micro-cutting


With standard slits of 34 microns, and the possibility of going down to 27 microns, our laser micro-cutting process is very suitable for micro-applications and microcomponents.
The laser micro-cutting avoids the use of Ø 0.03 wire to make radii of 0.02 and provides us with unmatched flexibility and speed.


We cut all metals (copper, gold, silver, aluminium, steel, molybdenum…) with absolutely no burrs and an extremely fine surface finish (Ra0.2). We can also cut graphite, polycrystalline diamond, tungsten carbide and ceramic.

Ceramic component:

High precision

Our machine allows a cold cutting, i.e. the part remains cold, even close to the cutting area. This makes it possible to cut long, thin parts without deformation. Our process allows a perfectly vertical cutting, so we can calibrate “cylindrical” holes within a few microns.

Single part

This process is ideal for single parts because it has a great flexibility in use, and the surface finishes are much better than the ones obtained by wire cutting on a thin single plate.
Unlike wire cutting, the laser cutting machine allows to start drilling holes before cutting, which saves a lot of time.

Production run

The table of the machine has a capacity of 300 x 300, which allows a great autonomy for the cutting of micro components.
This laser allows a femto type cutting quality but with a much higher ablation speed. This has an influence on parts prices, lead times and the ability to carry out mass production.


A 30 watt machine, extremely short pulse duration, natural granite structure with X and Y completely separated, linear motor and high definition ruler.

Quality control

The Marcel Aubert company has manufactured a specific microscope to check the parts cut by our laser.
This microscope allows to check, with magnifications ranging from 100 to 2000 times, the profiles and the taper of the cut.

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