5-axis micro-milling Machinery

MATSUURA LX0 machine:

  • 5 axis coordinated simultaneously
  • 5 linear motor drive axis
  • Spindle 60,000 rpm
  • Up to 20-Kg parts and 200 x 250 x 250 stroke
  • 5.5 ton cast-iron thermo-stabilized frame in cast iron
  • automatic 0.01 μm measuring system and 0.1 μm travel at 10th (excellent for surface finishes)
  • Blum Nano laser for milling cutters over ø 0.1
  • Pico Blum sensor for milling cutters below ø 0.1
  • Possibility of milling with micro-milling cutters all steels treated up to 70 HRC
  • Open Mind licence (HyperMill) for programming in 5 axis coordinated simultaneously and for milling with short tools.
  • Machinable materials: hardened steel, copper and Sparkal for electrodes, titanium, Inconel, Astoloy, cobalt-chromium, non-sintered zirconia, molybdenum, sintered ceramics machinable with diamond tools, etc.
  • Three-dimensional measurements of the part in the machine through Blum’s “Formcontrol” software with control report.